Sunday, June 28, 2009

The water is warm, but it's sending me shivers.

Woot woot! 20 followers on blogger and blog lovin' combined :) Thanks everyone!

Anyways, I got my new camera, and it was love and first sight. And ofcourse, I went a little overboard on the colour accent feature



Carter said...

Oh chicka!
Are you going to be able to blog from Paris?
I hope so.
Dunno what I'd do without you :(

Anonymous said...

awesome pics congracts on your new camera!

Vanessa said...

AAAH! you have to tell me about france because i'm going there soon too. :)

Emma said...

These pictures are so cool! Have fun in France!

Daryll said...

Those are really cool!
I wish my camera had a colour accent feature!
I went to france when I was 5. I don't remember much but it was really cool

Gladys said...

Oh I love the pictures!! And the sky is so beautiful! :)

Beki said...

Cool pictures!! The one with the soda and the lime is awesome.