Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's time to leave you a preview, so you can review our re-do

So, after a completley pointless Facebook quiz, I found out Lily Cole has the same birthday as me. May 19th. So I thought I would put a picture of here up. End of story.

Moving on. I tried to convince my parents to get me a Nikon D40 since the beat-up-piece-of-crap-camera I am using has completly crashed, but they said its too short notice (right before my trip to France!) but I am getting a new camera. Tomorrow. I am pretty sure I am getting this one:

Canon Powershot SD780

It's not too shabby, 12.1 MP, and since we can get giftcards for about $150, it will only be around $150. Any camera is better then the one I'm using.

Anyways, I'm so stoked, because tomorrow is Awards Day at our school, and I won an award! I'm not sure what it's called, but I will tell you next post along with some pictures I take with my soon-to-be-new-camera!


Stephanie said...

Ah love Lily Cole and I would definitely take it as a sign that you have the same birthday.

ps. I added you as a link on my blog:

Emma said...

I'm trying to get a nikon d40 or d60 hopefully before I go to new york. That canon though is supposed to be a really good camera :)


Vanessa said...

that's really nice, it has more megapixels than the nikonD40, so the quality will be really good. where in france are you going?

Noelle + Kendall said...

Have fun in France :) Hopefully you'll find yourself a nice camera no matter what

Emma said...

i bought my camera because it was cute and purple.. bad idea!! hah but i hope you get a nice one and have fun in France :)

eleni said...

ooh when are you going to france?
i'll be in paris all of july, so exciting :)

Carter said...

That's exciting! It's funny when you find out celebs have the same birthday as yourself. Chance Crawford has my birthday...? Hahaha.

Looks like a really neat camera. Can't wait to see the pictures!