Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The consonants and vowels

ug-- / bulimiacrew / doogz

Aren't these photo totally gorgeous? The colours and sharpness are amazing. Hopefully when I have enough money to buy a new camera I'll be able to start taking more pictures :)

Anyways, me and my friend are having a garage sale this weekend! It should be fun, no? And if business is slow, we plan to teach ourselves how to skate/longboard with my brothers old skateboard. Hopefully I make some cash for shopping!! $$$


Vanessa said...

sounds fun, hope you make a lot of money!
and thanks for the comment, i have a nikon d40x- i love it!

mice said...

Second photo is really fabulous! (:

Anonymous said...

great photos good luck with your garage sale!

erin meagan said...

I love garage sales! They are so much fun!

Noelle + Kendall said...

oh these pictures are lovely !
and great quality