Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lilac Festival!

So today em and my friends are going to this street festival in my town. It's like all along a street near my house and there is like food, shopping (!), and live music and stuff. It's so much fun! I'm hoping to find some cool jewelry and a sweet pair of sunglasses :)

Here is a picture I took a while ago, the sky was oh so cool. It went from yellow/purple sunset to grey, to rainbow, to like pinkish purple!!


Anonymous said...

that is such a cool picture! hope you find what your looking for at the festival! :)

Carter said...

It's so pretty where you live :)
Love the photography, too!

She's lost control said...

ehyyy i like your blog!
and also your style|
this is mine:
hope you like it :)

Emma said...

oooh very pretty!

Anonymous said...

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