Saturday, September 5, 2009

Every time you close your eyes, rebellion lies

A photo I took today. I have an extra day this weekend so hopefully I can take some better ones. Anyways I've been debating about starting a new blog, because I'm not a huge fan of nylon love, and I'm really trying to be myself more.

But I shall leave you with this amazing video :)


the christy said...

your blog is really great :)
i just love your posts!
your style is great and i totally know what you mean about being yourself because i'm always scared that i come off as pretentious lol.
btw i love your ensembles!

Gladys said...

NOOO don't do that! Your blog is great! I love your posts and your pictures inspire me!Keep on writin...

Gladys D. x

Bella said...

oh em gee, i love flight of the conchords!!! *arf arf, do the doggy bounce* *another reason why love is like tape, is sometimes its hard to find the end...* *its a gitboard...* ...i could quote all day :p have you seen eagle vs. shark? its the sweetest movie and jermaine's in it :]
anyway, I seriously know what you mean about being yourself.. I don't think that you particularly need to start a new blog but i would so support you if you wanted to :] xxxxx
great pic, btw :D

Emma said...

ahhh I love flight of the conchords!! And i'm a huge fan of nylon love, if that helps :)


Noelle + Kendall said...

We absolutely LOVE nylonlove,
but we're sure that any blog of yours will be great :] best of luck with your decision.

-N + K

jessica wu said...

great photo,
is it a painting in your house?