Sunday, August 30, 2009

New look on lookbook! Hypee please :)

So school happened. Not any major disasters. I'd say, overall, it was quite okay. I wore my tutu skirt first day, and my gladiator sandals. But I sure am not looking forward to going back!

I had a nice weekend, on Friday I went over to one of my best friends house and hung out there and drank tee and stuff, I didn't get home until late. The next day I went back and hung out with my friend again, we played tennis, got ice cream and went swimming in his pool. I also made $35 for cleaning bricks. Hahahaha :) That night I went to my friend Tamara's house, and a couple people hung out and watched movies and then I slept over. Today was boring- I just got school supplies, played paddle and cleaned.. :(

Next weekend is a long weekend! So excited to start my new job playing tennis with some little kids :)


jessica wu said...

sweet skirt!
i love it, whered you get it?


Vanessa said...

love the tutu! i have one quite similar to yours :)

Kathy said...

nice tutu!

Bella said...

I want that tutu!! really sweet post ♥ maybe i should get lookbook...?
you're on my blogroll btw :] xxx

Panda said...

Aw - gorgeous photo :) I love tutus. Great outfit, seriously.

Oh, and thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog, i really appreciate it....

Panda xxx

Lilpixie said...

Love the skirt

Lauren said...

SO cute!! i have a tutu from H&M in a similar color and i love it to bits. ahh yes i want to be on your blogroll! i'm adding yours to mine right now!
Bohemian Bisoux

Noelle + Kendall said...

You look so pretty! we love the colors of white, silver, and lilac

-N + K

Megan said...

I love the skirt and the chain going around as a belt

Little Bo Peeep said...

I just love your simple and yet CUTE look.

Emma said...

Lovin the tutu. The whole ballerina look is supposed to become quite popular for the fall


annie(: said...

i love this look, completely!
we don't have forever 21 in england, but it sounds amazing (:
love the tutu!

Chloe T said...

Oh wow, I really really love your blog and your outfits, pretty simple but executed perfectly! :)
Cutest thing and sooo creative - love it and keep it up!

If you feel like it, check out my new blog - thanks! :)

S. said...

loving the photo with the animal masks. Hmmm, i know have future inspiration :)


S. said...

loving the photo with the animal masks. Hmmm, i know have future inspiration :)