Thursday, August 6, 2009

Come on honey, bring it on, bring it on

Cardigan American Apparel, V-Neck American Apparel, Scarf Mum's Oldie, Suede Boots Holt Renfrew

Ahhhhhhhhh! I'm having the most amazing summer. These past few weeks, I have racked up so many clothes, jewelry and accessories, but not paid a dime! I know I told you all about the amazing closet-raiding at my summer house, but talk about closet-raiding! Last night I went through my costume trunk for fun and found... 2 belts, 1 sheer white flower skirt, 1 black twirly skirt :), black and gold sparkly socks, vintage arm gloves, 1 black bodysuit, 1 gorgeous red scarf, 1 gorgeous tribal scarf, and 2 pairs of old heels! And to top it off, my mom went through her old stuff and found... 2 Dolce & Gabbana tanks, 3 Chloe shirts, and 1 shirt of a brand I've never heard of!

I also did 2...(3?) DIY'S yesterday! I will show them to you later, but thanks jessica for the ideas!

So you see these gorgeous thigh-high (when pulled up) suede boots in the picture? My Mum gave 'em to me! Well, they don't fit her anymore, but these are apparently this season's bootie! So stoked!

"12. the new boot
Say bye-bye to the bootie! Last year's anklet had a major growth spurt.

Sam Edelman suede boots, $199." - Teen Vogue


Emma said...

So cool.. I'm jellin about the whole raiding closet and finding awesome clothes thing. Glad you're having a good summer though! :)


Gladys said...

Wow that's fantastic that you find all these stuff in your trunk! Haha lovely :)
Oh I can't wait to see your DIY's!

Gladys (i have a new blog

- metallic . said...

yhu should really post pictures of all your new finds!


Emma said...

Ahhh that sounds so amazing!!
love the boots aswell :]

Megan said...

That skirt is so cute, I love it :)