Saturday, July 18, 2009

American Woman, listen to what I say

I know, you're all probably wondering what this fantastic room is doing displayed on my blog. Well, let me tell you.It’s going to be my families future apartment in Paris! Well I hope so. Anyways, I will start the story from the beginning. Yesterday, my mom was telling me how much she hates this city (the stupid one we live in), and I said, “we should move to Paris.” She finally took me serious, for once, after I told her I would be willing to give up my friends/life here and everything. So we looked up on some websites how to move to france, while I looked for future apartments (jokingly). I really hope they are ACTUALLY considering this because it would be a dream come true! All we have to do is win the lottery now!

ANYWHOO, enough with my rambling dreams of moving to Paris, how about we talk about how CRUEL Marc Jacobs is! He has beautiful pieces of fashion sitting in his stores that are miles and miles away from me, that all happen to match my budget! But nooo, you can only buy Marc Jacobs Originals AT a Marc Jacobs store! Life is so harsh!


Emma said...

Oh how i love Marc Jacobs. Those totes are amazing
I can't believe you might move to Paris, thats so cool! I've yet to convince my parents that london would be a more suitable city to live in. Vancouver's ok too though I guess.


daryll said...

Wow! rad stuff. I love the tee and the bag!
I am sorry for being on revamp so long, but I hope I can still be your affie!!

Carter said...

Wow, Ally, if you move to Paris I'll be jealous forever. And what a pretty apartment! And you already know French, so I'm sure you'd be fine. Jeez, just pack and leave already! Hahah.

I've never gotten anything Marc Jacobs. I live in a really small city, though it's well known for skiing, and there are absolutely no stores up here. I feel your pain :/

- metallic . said...

theres a marc jacobs where i live :]

if you really want something i can get it for you and like ship, or something.
just contact :]

sullivan carter said...

i was at marc by marc yesterday :p
got a backpack and a few tees
i'm trying to convince my mom to move to stockholm, sweden. its a work in progress. i offered paris as a backup.