Sunday, June 7, 2009

Your clever eyes are easily disguised.

First off, I want a longboard so bad! These Roxy ones are soooo sick.

and this epic blue floral one!

Anyways I've kind of been dead lately. My dad still is away so no camera =( I really need a camera. And a longboard. God, what I really need is a job!! Well me and my friend are hoping to get a job at a camera store in the mall, which would be so cool! Eployee discounts? :) :)


Fran M. said...

Wow, that job would be amazing, the longboards are really cool. XOXO

zoey said...

luv the longboards! used to love skateboarding/longboarding,but my mom took it away beacause i injured myslef with that deathly object just too often.sigh.. pleasePLEASE check out/follow my blog??

Anonymous said...

working at a camera store would be cool! hope you get the job. those boards are pretty cool. :)

Anonymous said...

wow those longboards are awesome :),
lots of love,
nicky x x

Y said...

You are so cool for being able to skate! I've always wanted to learn but it just doesnt seem to be my thing,.. I keep falling off!

Carter said...

How art thou? I miss talking to you so much.
Those longboards look sickkk.
But, I dunno how to skateboard/longboard.
I can sit on one and ride it down my driveway, though.

:] !