Monday, June 22, 2009

This is not love, this is not martyr.

I am Jane's Raging Bowel. I am Jane's Cold Sweat.

I watched Fight Club yesterday, after finishing the book a few days ago. I have to say the book is soo much better, but the movie was amazing. A little too much blood for my liking, but it was so interesting how they interpreted the "space monkeys".

So I have a few questions for all you international bloggers! I'm going to France in EXACTLY ONE WEEK, to train/play tennis for two weeks! Even though its only for tennis, we do get ONE tourist day in Paris, and I was wondering if any of you know some shops near main sight seeing areas like The Eiffel Tower (le duh). I'm hoping I will get atleast SOME shopping on that day, even if its a tourist tee shirt!

Anyways, Urban Outfitters has some lovely things in!!

I'm terribly in love with the last dress. $80 anyone?


mice said...

Love that dress! ^^

Anonymous said...

that dress is amazing ! i also love the shoes and the hat. so cool your going to paris!

Carter said...

Aw, such pretty clothes. Maybe someday...
France, such fun! I love it there.
If you go to/near the Arc de Triomphé, just be sure to walk down the Champs-Élysées, it's probably the biggest designer strip in Paris!

Vanessa said...

ooooh i want that fedora:)