Monday, May 25, 2009

I think I'm safe at this red light, maybe not.


1) Denim/blue shirt
2) Tribal type scarf
3) Jumper/playsuit =)
4) Sunglasses - I really need a pair and I love this sort of retro frame/style
5) Gladiators!! I love these rocket dogs that are on here but in brown - so gorge.
6) Black ruffle-ish skirt
7) Graphic vest/tank - I'm in love with this topshop one =) =)
8) Floral or abstract print dress. I love this strapless one from Forever 21 but I could never pull that off haha
9) Birkenstocks!! Seems dorky but they are so funky and I'm hopefully getting a pair soon!
10) Nailpolish - I have some but I want some fresh pink/eclectic colours for summer =]

Oh yah and if anyone wants to be on my blogroll just leave a comment and I will add you =)


patricia said...

that grey cutout top! it's completely loverly. and you're going into summer where you live? you lucky thing, it's freezing here. ): x

Anonymous said...

i love everything you picked! those gladiators are really cute!

Vanessa said...

love the tank top with the flamingos, where are they from? :)

Le fran├žais parisien said...

A great wishlist!

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Eleanor Wilson said...

cute :D