Saturday, April 4, 2009

i'm killing them all on my own little mission.

Thank GOD for linksys. I'm staying at my friends grandparents house this week for nations (tennis) and I was told there would be no internet. But I FOUND INTERNET. Pretty highspeed too! I hope it will stay like this for the week though. Because none of my schoolwork I am missing is online yet so yeah. Oh well.

Hopefully I'm going to get to Holt Renfrew tomorrow after my match at 1:15. I'm going to check out the Marc by Marc Jacobs accessories there since my mother has a 25% of card there for this weekend!

Goodnight for now :)


Daryll said...

Of course!! :D

Olive the Brave said...

yay thanks for your comment, i'll follow you too! :)

Olive the Brave said...

sure, i'd love to be on your blog roll =]
i'll add you to mine next time i update it :]